PPC - Simplifying Complexity

The Greek titan Prometheus gave us fire, an indispensable tool, opening the door to new technologies. But, your project can be burned by complexity, too many unknowns, unforeseen challenges or poor risk management. PPC leverages 30 years of broad industry experience to simplify and de-risk your project.

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What PPC Provides

IT Solutions

Project Startup Consulting

Is it even possible? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Before you commit the big budget, PPC can help you assess what's really needed.

Web Development

From landing pages, to WordPress, marketing campaigns, and custom Content Management Systems. PPC has decades of experience working with LAMP stacks and web technology.

Cloud Computing

Virtualization, Docker, Kubernetes, Message Queuing, real-time event handling, fully managed hardware, all just the tips of icebergs of solution power!

Backend Engineering

Your web application is only as good as the engine under the hood. DBA, Linux Admin, C++ and more, all focused on making your application shine.

Architecture & Analysis

Need help with the big picture? Want to start reducing the risk? Need to translate requirements into stories that can be coded? PPC can provide architectural, pattern based frameworks that allow your designers to "git r' done".

Mobile Apps

PPC is branching into app development. Highly custom partnerships available now!

About PPC

Untangling the Knots, and Simplifying Complexity

PPC has roots in real-time and network programming. Later the skill tree grew into C++, web applications, databases, cloud, distributed computing, and the tree is still growing! Much of that skill tree was gained at scale; high scale reverse engineering, very large database indexing, ultra-fast C++ simulation engines, and more. Whatever challenges your project is working through, PPC has grit and experience to handle them. At PPC engineering solutions to tough problems isn't a job, It's who PPC is.

Cloud Architecture80%
Kubernetes / Docker / Virtualization80%
Enterprise Design Patterns80%
Modern Web Applications75%
Content Management Systems75%
Database Administration80%
Linux Administration80%
C++ Backend Applications95%
GUI Design75%
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Years Experience
Why Choose PPC

Wrong choices have consequences, no one wants project delays.

PPC has a long history of embracing and championing new technology and methods to solve even the toughest problems. PPC will evolve with you, and always be ready maximize your success.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Builds software to last
  • Grows the skill of your team
  • Embraces written communication
  • Adaptive, always growing new skills.
  • Focused on your success

Bring the Fire!

Solving tough problems requires more than just persistence. New, more flexible and sharper tools are needed. PPC may not have the magic of the greek titans, but experience and lateral thinking are in full stock!

  • Proven Scalable Solutions
  • Fully Managed Cloud
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • In Demand Skills
  • Enterprise Acumen
  • Scrum / Agile Champion
  • Leverages OpenSource
  • Transparent

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Years Industry Experience

20 +



Completed Projects

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What Clients Say

Want to work with PPC?

Bring Full Stack Development to Your Team

With over 30 years of broad industry experience, PPC has you covered. From DBA, to SOLID design, to distributed cloud computing and beyond. All of that experience and capability is focused on solving your problem.

Trusted To Solve the Toughest Problems